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Viktor Junedahl

Before I started with the Enduro School, I went to the track and grinded laps, but now with the help of the school, I have started to train on the different parts of enduro! 

Then there are several good parts in the school where Jocke and Kimmo have developed eg: "best tire choice" for the long races and the different surfaces we ride on, which is superb! 

Alexander Nyman

Among other things, I have learned such a simple thing as standing correctly on the bike, which I realized I didn't do before.

The school has a lot of different exercises that are superb, driving the 8, driving with one hand or driving without brakes are just a few, not to mention all the other training tips such as strength, conditioning, even yoga.

Michael Böhnstedt

The enduro school is the best tool for beginners that you could wish for. The advantage is that you can look at the material over and over again. This has helped me enormously in my development and I have been able to accomplish some of my set goals in just a few months. With the right feedback and always a contact person. In my eyes the best available right now.