Off-road Clubs in Ontario Pub

Trail Rider Clubs around Toronto

Here's the big map with the dirt bike oriented clubs around the GTA. There's more: dirt bike trails, the off-road calendar, motocross tracks, training or shops. New here? Read About Dirt Biking!.

Note that the clubs have all kinds of rules. Some are OFTR members, some aren't. Some are open to any riders and some aren't. Some are stewards of local forests and some have private land and use agreements. Some are family trail riding oriented and some are competition oriented etc

Why should you join a club? In many forests, membership is required. In either case, the local club is formed by people with the same interests, at least as far as trail riding goes. Together, they know more places to ride and more things about dirt bikes than you! There's always some organized rides etc.

Which club to join? Probably the one that covers the area where you'll do most riding will give you the most value, special interests aside.

These are the off-road clubs:

Other clubs

Other associations


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