Dirt bike trails in Ontario Pub

Here's the map with all the off-road trails around Toronto and Southern Ontario open to dirt bikes. There's more: dirt bike trails, the off-road calendar, motocross tracks, training or shops and online enduro school++. New here? Read About Dirt Biking!.


  • green represents trails (accessible mostly to OFTR members)
  • blue pins mark tracks and other pay-to-play facilities
  • yellow pins mark places where riding may be possible from what I find on the web - not sure...

Dirt bike trails:

The GPS tracks are available for some of them.

About dirt bikes

There's all kinds of issues surrounding dirt bike use. Mostly is about the noise and image, since now most bikes are 4 bangers so the tree-huggers complaining about emissions are way off the mark.

Also, erosion and such are obviously avoidable via cooperation with the user groups, i.e. changing trails every few months, communicate/signal and avoid areas etc.

I know there are those who would rather keep hush the location of our fun places, but I firmly believe that the only solution, in our mass-democracy, is to get as much support for this activity as possible, both in numbers and in image, i.e. compliance to regulations, noise limits etc. As our mass increases and our image improves, we can only benefit. Making it as easy as possible to enjoy this activity will therefore help the cause.

Be sure to become an OFTR member! And please keep the decibels down in the trails, ok? An extra hp on a single track doesn't help!


If you're just getting into dirt bikes, make sure you visit OFTR and read all the information they provide, including legal requirements etc. Choose a club and join. Read more About Dirt Biking.

And please keep the decibels down in the trails, ok? Loud pipes stink!

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