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It is a one of a kind and a must-read for any motorcyclist. It contains a huge amount of information to keep your riding safe and fun and, if you refuse to read it, you probably deserve to crash.

It starts with a review of motorcycle crashes and the Hurt report, pointing out what you can change to stay on the safe side of all those statistics. Interestingly enough, there are other, self-reported accident statistics saying that single-vehicle crashes are more frequent than the Hurt report says.

Then, he reveals the two big secrets 'for the average situation' : countersteer and look in the direction you want to go. Shhh. Sounds easy enough, but most of us screw both those up most of the time, without practice. Anyways, that's just before going to the most thorough and explicit section on motorcycle dynamics I have seen, which in itself is a must-read.

Some items I had forgotten include the fact that the wheels are pressed into the ground while the bike is going from full lean to upright. The opposite happens during leaning the bike: if you countersteer too hard, the front wheel may loose traction!

Also, a technique I learned here and practice a lot is slow speed U-turns at full lean angle.

He then spends copious amounts talking about the importance of the delayed apex and the many ways you can get in trouble and thus how to prevent them, especialy in the city and suburbia. The most important is engraining the hard front braking into your brain and muscles, followed by recognizing traffic patterns.

Scan ahead 12 seconds. Have a safety bubble of 2 seconds around you - prioritary. Observe and react to changing patterns.

Rolling on the throttle raises the ground clearance while rolling off will decrease it.

Other important chapters focus on:

  • urban traffic
  • road hazards / booby traps

Keep bike vertical to road surface in cambered low traction section - if it slides, you won't wipe out but just slide with the bike.

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