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Part 2 of handlebars setup and adjustment - grips and vibration.


The handlebar grips must be appropriate. Vibration is not usually a big issue with most modern dirt-bikes, but it is up to you if you want to get a gel grip.

I got a pair of triple density grips which are great comfort-wise, but are a little too mushy, imprecise in tight woods. If you race, get stiffer grips. If not, go for comfort.

To get the old grips out, use compressed air. To put the new ones in, use either grip glue or a paint-spray: spray the handlebar (not the inside of the grip), slide it on and when the paint dries it will stick!

For added safety, you can wire the grips - read more details here.


Vibration is not normally an issue unless you uave a big single-cylinder bike. Some two strokes also vibrate a lot.

There are many anti-vibration technologies available, that you may want to look into that if you ride a lot.

Some of these will help with rough ground as well, so they may be well worth it. I know Shane Watts likes the Flexx for that reason.

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