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So, we talked about Crossing small logs and obstacles. Now let's see the more advanced techniques for crossing bigger logs, rocks and other obstacles.

Not surprisingly, the techniques are similar to the ones for crossing small logs: you still have to hop the bike over. This time though, the hop is complemented by some throttle, to lift that front end higher over the log.

Simple technique

The simple technique is:

  • slow to a adequate speed as you come to the log (very slow)
  • just before the log, compress the suspention: either use the front brake briefly to compress the front forks or hop on the bike to compress it that way
  • as the suspension extends, complement that with some throttle, to get the front wheel up and over the log
  • as the front wheel crosses over the log, shift your weight forward and use the momentum to get the rear wheel over the log as well.

Be careful with the throttle when getting the rear wheel over the log - too much throttle will make it spin and slip, especially on a wet log. Just a bit of throttle, to keep the momentum going and the wheel climbing over the log.

Also, be careful of the kickback - the seat will kick you if you are too low on the bike when the rear comes up, see this:

Crossing at an angle

If you're coming to the log at an angle, you should first see if you can steer the bike and take it head on instead. Think about using the rear brake to steer the bike quickly, but without loosing the momentum that will help you get over the log...

If there is no room to turn the bike etc and you simply have to take it an an angle, then you have to come to a stop and hop the bike at an angle as well, by pivoting the bike.

Here's a great example of how to do that:

Double hopping

Double hopping is a trails technique, which is very efficient. It involves hopping the bike once to get the front wheel up and then, compress the suspension again with the front wheel on the log to get the rear to hop over very smooth.

Watch the video for a perfect example:


Practice the basic sequence all the time, to engrain it and build muscle memory. You don't need an actual log to hop the front wheel... it is a lot like a wheelie, except you just lift the fron wheel for only an instant and then ease it back down.

It is a great idea to practice with actual logs as well, every now and then. The thing to work on is the timing of compressing the suspension and unloading, relative to the log... too early will cause you to bounce off the log while if you are too late, well, you'll be flying over the handlebars!

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