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There is another, rather involved and advanced way to adjust the front suspension: adjusting the air gap.

The front forks use oil for damping, but have an air gap as well, at the top. Since air compresses (a lot) more than the oil, you can adjust the behavior of the forks by adjusting this air gap.

Here's a quote (note that measurements refer to a specific model):

To adjust the airgap, you remove the forks after loosening the top caps, turn out top cap, remove from damper assembly below that, take out springs, let damper sink into fork, compress the fork, measure the oil level from the top. Should be about 100mm. Suck out oil until its 120mm from top. Reverse procedure. Ride. Enjoy much plusher front end. If you dont like it, add the oil you sucked out back through the bleeder screw holes. So the process is completely reversable.

The shock's intial action is much plusher, as it doesn't have to overcome the severely pre-loaded spring. To me feels as if it can use more of the stroke. With the stock pre-loaded spring the bike cornered like a supermotard or dirt tracker. Now it squats a bit in corners and with the weight transfer, I get much beter traction.

Comment: When setting the size of the air spring (gap) I always kept the forks extended and leave the damper in place.

Answer: Spring removed, fork compressed. Make sure you bleed the air out of the damper assy.

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