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2013-06-20 update

Got the bike for a few weeks now, put over 1,000km on it. Love it! It's mean, it's big and it's fast! Got some bling for it... read details below.

It is a big mean V-Twin and, with the rather loud Hindle exhausts on it, sounds great. They just amplify the growl of that engine and make it seem like it's twice the power :).

There is some truth behind that "loud pipes save lives". The ones I have are not the obnoxiously loud kind, but loud enough and you definitely get noticed. Cars do make more room... all I have to do is just rev the engine and you certainly get noticed.... the drawback is that... well, you are noticed... even by cops. Not the best thing on a fast machine.

I kept thinking I want quieter pipes and I might, but for now I'll put up with these. If I get a quieter screen, they'll be next.

Anyways, did some city, did some backroads, did some freeway. It is great.

It is very smooth under 4k rpm (about 120 km/h). The seat is fairly comfortable: did a 3 hour ride with the kid on the back and it's great. May need an aftermarket seat for all day or multi-day rides, but it's good.

I got a KTM topcase, the small 37L, more as a backrest than to carry stuff, although I use it to store helmet when commuting. It's kind of annoying, because on the SMT forum, there some some who's frame cracked from topcase usage, so I tend to not use it now... not sure if I shuld spend some time/moneys and beef up the rear frame?

The stock screen is annoying - very noisy. I got a Givi screen, which is 17cm higher but made things worse actually - there is a bit less noise but much more turbulence now, even at small speeds (80 km/h). Not sure what to try next...

It definetly does not like slow traffic. The big V-Twin just lugs at low revs and you end up slipping the clutch like crazy - apparently some aftermarket fuel ignition maps will cure that, still have to try. Some say to change to a 16 tooth front sproket - I worry that it will raise the comfortable rpm at 120 km/h and introduce some vibration which then needs curing...

Other stuff I got:

  • tank pad
  • Roxx anti-vibration bar risers
  • frame protectors
  • short levers

Annoying stuff:

  • stock screen creates lots of noise
  • Givi screen lots of buffeting
  • rear brakes squeal like nuts - apparently I need non-metallic ones
  • engine hates low rpm and slow traffic

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