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My dirt bike for the past 3 years has been a 2010 Husaberg 390. It is a love/hate thing going on...

It has awesome handling and smooth power delivery, of which there is lots of. It is however a tall pig to push around a parking lot - it really only works when moving.

It can put the power down nicely and there is tons of power right off idle. The EFI is great and it's hard to stall on uphills. I only had it on the competition map all these years.

Didn't give me much trouble... No injection issues, the only problem was trouble starting when hot, sometimes. Missing a kickstarter on a dirt bike is really STUPID, whatever overconfident prick designed it that way.

On the negative side, it runs hot. The first and most important accessory on it must be the fan. It will boil instantly on a hot summer day and it has always smelt as coolant, since the day I got it, come to think about it.

I will miss this bike, I am sure of that!

I am a member of a dirt bike club, SCORRA and ride the Dirt bike trails in Ontario.

Update 2014

I love the bike. The hot starting issue was because of the "starter clutch" which had to be replaced - it hasn't missed a beat since.

This summer, after 5 seasons and 150 hours, it required new piston rings and valve seals since it was smoking a bit when starting.

Other than that, awesome four banger. I am however downsizing to a KTM 150 XC, a small two stroke chipmunk (well small as in engine size - it is taller than the Berg). See more details here: KTM 150 XC vs Husaberg FE 390.

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