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Basic | skills and techniques

Here are the basic skills you need to master, to maximize the fun in your off-road adventures:

  • Standing position
    sit to relax and corner, stand up to ride
  • Traction
    understanding and mastering traction is... well, basic, when there's so little of it
  • Braking
    slow down, stop - can you ride without it?
  • Accelerating
    not a must-have skill, but good, right? and fun, right?
  • Throttle clutch control
    important - most people see the throttle and clutch as two different controls, but you're much better off thinking of them as one!
  • Steering a dirt bike
    you got handlebars, you got pegs, throttle, brakes, body - everything helps you steer it!
  • Brake steering
    the most common and important of the performance steering techniques.
  • Crossing small logs and obstacles
    what, you'd rather run into them?

Advanced | skills and techniques

I often find that advancing requires a return to the basics and a lot more brain power than muscle power. Here are some thoughts guaranteed to improve riding.

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