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Improve your dirt bike riding : enduro, cross-country and motocross. Lots of techniques, tips and training ideas that I collected over the past few years.

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A word on progression. We all start at different ages and levels of skills or experience. The basics are the same for all and if we don't master the basics, you're doing it for nothing!

Ride | riding techniques

These enduro riding techniques will change your riding: throttle-clutch, cornering, traction, steering and more.

Setup | dirt bike setup

A properly setup dirt bike makes a really big difference: read how to setup your handlebars, levers, suspension tires etc.

Buy | choosing the right dirt bike

Lots of things to consider when choosing the right dirt bike for you or your kids: recreation versus competition, motocross versus enduro etc.

All | all posts

See all the posts here.

While these articles are aimed at beginners and intermediates, advanced riders will also find useful thoughts and perhaps new ways to look at the technique elements.

Other | resources

The Offroad Fanatic youtoube channel has some good videos for both riding tips and maintenance.

Shane Watts DirtWise DVDs are highly recommended if you're getting serious about offroad riding.


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By: Razie | 2012-08-22 .. 2016-05-01 | Tags: post , enduro , technique , dirt bike , motorcycle , setup , maintenance , cornering , review

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